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Access the PAX support network for queries about PAX 2. We'll help troubleshoot any issue and would love to hear from you.
03. Device Anatomy. DEVICE ANATOMY. Get to know each part of the device before you get started. Mouthpiece. Pop out the mouthpiece to turn on Pax. Indicator. The color changes based on the temperature and status of device. Oven Lid. Press on either side of the lid to tilt and remove. 3. 1. 1. 2. 3. 2
29 Mar 2015
4 Oct 2015
Find a list of user guides here including the cleaning guide and mouthpiece guide.
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23 Jul 2015 The Pax 2 (which I reviewed here on Vaporblog just a few weeks ago!) is a sleek portable vaporizer packed with useful features. However, unbeknownst to most users, the device has some pretty awesome hidden features including minigames! I decided to write this guide so that readers here could unlock
24 Mar 2015 PAX 2 Vaporizer Review - We take a look at the PAX 2 dry herb vaporizer, a much improved version and even better than the hot selling PAX1 by PAX Labs.
USER'S GUIDE. IN THE BOX. Included in the box are: • The PAX 2. • Two silicone mouthpieces—a flat one, flush with the top of the device, and one raised option. • One magnetic charging cradle with USB cord. • PAX 2 cleaning kit with isopropyl alcohol & pipe cleaners. CHARGING. Before using PAX 2 you'll need to make
The PAX 2 lights (also aka LED pedals) tell you everything you need to know about what's going on with your vaporizer. To help figure out what they're saying, w.

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