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Here you will find information on how to use your DSLR camera settings, including manual and auto modes. It is also useful for those with mirrorless CSC cameras (Compact System Cameras) or point and shoots where you are able to adjust and manipulate settings such as aperture, shutter speed and ISO. If you have just
Sometimes, your mobile phone isn't quite enough for your photo. You might want to move up to a basic DSLR camera instead or, at least, have one handy in the car. When you know how to use manual DSLR camera settings, you'll be able to take even better mobile shots in some situations. Using manual DSLR camera
One of the scariest things for every new photographer is the moment when you pick up your new DSLR camera and turn it to manual mode. It is safe to say that all of us tried to take our first manual pictures just to be rewarded by an extreme over or underexposure. It takes some time before you slowly start figuring out what
How to use your digital SLR camera in full manual settings? Using your DSLR camera in fully manual mode (M on the top dial), isn't as hard as it first seems. Whether you own a Canon, Nikon, or any other SLR camera brand, using manual mode works basically the same.
5 Dec 2013 Step 2: Turn the Mode dial to point to M which means Manual Mode. Select Manual Mode from the Mode Dial as shown in the picture for Canon Rebel T3i DSLR. Press the display button to get Camera settings on the LCD screen. Image on the left shows the Aperture value which is circled in red.

9 Jun 2014 How to read the settings. Shutter speed: "Shutter speed" indicates the amount of time the camera exposes the sensor to light from the scene. Aperture: For most non-point-and-shoot cameras, the aperture is the opening in the lens that lets in the light. Metering: The exposure readout is fairly straightforward.
In this photography basics lesson, I teach the difference between manual mode, aperture priority, and shutter priority on your DSLR camera.
31 Mar 2016 There are many reasons why you would want to manipulate the lighting in a photo and manual mode allows you to do that. Let's look at an example of manual mode vs the auto settings on my DSLR camera. The picture on the left was taken using the auto settings on my camera and the picture on the right
22 Oct 2015 So you've finally purchased a fancy new DSLR camera—you've seen a noticeable improvement in the quality of your images but you're blown away by the content some people are able to produce with the same hardware on sites like Flickr. What are they doing different? If you're like most beginners you